Lori and Al Perez

Al and I would like to thank you for selling our home of 10 years in one week.  The process went by so smoothly that we will forever be grateful.  Thank you and may GOD continue to bless you.  You are number one.

Lisa Garcia

Valerie, you saved my life.  After having my home listed for over a year with to other agents, I was at my wits end and thought there was no hope.  In less than two months, you had the house sold with a month left before the bank foreclosed.  Thanks for getting me through a hard time in my life.


Lupe Vargas

My first impression was that this young girl could not possibly have the experience or knowledge to help herself much less me.  After hearing her conversation with the mortgage company, I realized how really knowledgeable and experienced Valerie is.  Thank you very much Valerie.